TodayPay Presents at Plug and Play Annual Summit

TodayPay was invited to present at the prestigious Plug and Play Annual Summit in Silicon Valley. Plug and Play, are a world leading innovation and VC platform connecting startups with 2500+ corporate partners. The event united some 300 startups with 3000 attendees from corporate clients around the world. 

Founder Jeremy Balkin delivered a compelling presentation to a highly engaged audience of VC investors, retailer, merchants, insurers and banks, all key customers and stakeholders for TodayPay. 

“The speed of a payment can change someone’s life” said Jeremy Balkin, “and that’s why I’m building TodayPay.” 

Our presentation highlighted our mission to revolutionize payments and refund processes across industries, generating an overwhelmingly positive response. Attendees expressed support, acknowledging the universal need for our Refunds as a Service™ solution.

Plug and Play’s extensive network of over 50,000 startups, 2,500 corporate partners, VC firms, and universities underscored the event’s magnitude. Being part of this diverse ecosystem was an honor and a shared commitment to driving impactful change through innovation. Plug and Play‘s goal to build the world’s leading innovation platform aligns perfectly with the TodayPay vision.