How Refunds as a ServiceTM works for Merchants with TodayPay

Why the current refund payment rail is broken and hurts Merchants & Consumers

Ideal Use Cases

Avoid Disputes

No need to raise a Dispute when the refund has been paid instantly, saving Merchants the hefty $15 transaction fee killing your margin.

Monetize Fraud

Recoup at least 20% of a transaction that you deem fraudulent instead of losing 100% of the refund and lost item like you do today.

Sales & AOV

Customers have confidence to complete checkout (3x average) and increase order value knowing there's refund certainty, speed and choice.

Loyalty & LTV

Merchants can turn better refunds into sales with 90% of customers would make a repeat purchase and 84% would leave a positive review.


Competitive advantage for Merchants to deliver the best end-to-end customer experience

Better RefundTM

Your customers are paid instantly and Merchants have 7 days to pay, by decoupling the refund from the return.

Refund Now Pay LaterTM

Your customers are paid instantly and Merchants have upto 90 days to pay, by decoupling the refund from the return.


Merchants control the entire customer journey and the instarefundTM widget is easily embedded in your existing return flow.

Management Portal

Portal built for Merchants to manage all transactions in one place and automate refunds and returns management end-to-end.

Frequently asked questions

The current, outdated, monolithic and inflexible refund payment rail, gives Merchants no ability to compete on payment speed or choice, and hurts both Merchants and their customers. It also lets big Marketplaces widen the gap - in their favor - with a superior refund experience. With TodayPay, Merchants can finally control their own destiny end-to-end on every transaction.

Refunds as a Service™ powered by TodayPay is pioneering a brand new category in payments. It helps Merchants use a Better Refund™ alternative instead of the expensive and broken status quo.

Refunds as a Service™ by TodayPay is designed to help Merchants finally be able to decouple the refund (payment) from the return (logistics), and compete on end-to-end customer experience where the speed of the payment is the competitive advantage, instead of the disadvantage of having your customer experience at the mercy of broken supply chains.

TodayPay Inc is a US-owned and managed Corporation. The Founder and CEO of TodayPay Inc is a well known and highly respected professional, who previously served as a Managing Director for J.P. Morgan. Every member of the TodayPay Inc team has real world payments industry experience from firms like Affirm, CardKnox, HSBC, J.P. Morgan, NuPay, and Sezzle.

TodayPay Inc is proud to work with the world’s leading category champions in every vertical including Visa for Payments, Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Cloud, Alloy for KYB and KYC, Marqeta for card issuing, Tango for rewards and the list goes on and on!

Merchants can sign up in 12 seconds. We timed it. The integration is fairly simple and you can be running a live transaction in a few lines of code. We can schedule a kick off call with our solutions team to answer any questions you may have and get you up and running.

Refund Now Pay Later™ is our most popular product that lets you refund customers now (instantly via TodayPay) and you pay back later. We take the risk so you can earn more interest revenue on your Treasuries, have more working capital and much healthier cash flows. With interest rates of your cash flow almost 5%, it pays for you to keep it in the bank for as long as possible. Simply activate your pre-qualified credit line of up to $300,000 and you’ll have up to 90 days to pay back. TodayPay offers multiple products for Merchants to use, whether it be Refund Now Pay Later™ or any of our other custom products.

You can easily integrate our Refund API into your return flow. Your system will send an API call to TodayPay to request a Better Refund™. We have all the developer documentation ready for Enterprises.

Your customers receive their value directly into a TodayPay digital wallet automatically linked to their mobile phone number. They simply log in and have a choice in how they’d like to redeem their Better Refund™ e.g. directly to their bank account, to their debit card, to a gift card etc. Importantly, your customers don’t need to set up a TodayPay account in advance of requesting a Better Refund™ in your return flow.

It’s absolutely free to get started with TodayPay. There are no set up or monthly fees. No hidden fees or charges. None. Our platform utilizes a usage based billing model and our SaaS product starts at $0 per refund, and varies depending on how quickly you want to pay.

You can obtain API keys directly from your Merchant portal. On the navigation menu, go to Settings->Security and follow instructions to create a new set of API keys. For security purposes, your private API key will only be visible once. If you lose or misplace this key you can create another one.

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