"The speed of a payment can change someone's life" - Jeremy Balkin, Founder of TodayPay.

We believe in my money, my choice. Payments should provide you with certainty, choice and instant gratification. We're transforming the broken refund process into a rewarding, instant refund experience. TodayPay is putting the fun back into refunds.
We've built a Better RefundTM alternative.

How a Better RefundTM can help your business win



Instant refund enhances repurchase intentions


Customer Satisfaction

When instant refunds are an option



Increased revenue. Instant refunds lead to increased sales, bigger basket sizes and faster repeat purchases.



Instant refunds improve Merchant cashflows given greater flexibility

"TodayPay has the world's best alternative refund solution. They make refunds simple, convenient and fun!"

-The Refunds BlogTM
Expert solution

Our Team has over 40 years of banking, payments, ecommerce and technology experience.

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Refund takes seconds with instarefundTMby

Refund takes weeks or next billing cycle without instarefundTM

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