TodayPay was invited to present at the Payments MAGnified conference in Dallas, hosted by the prestigious Merchant Advisory Group (MAG). The MAG represents thousands of the country’s leading merchants – and their decision makers – who collaborate on the industry’s most pressing issues. Conference organizers invited TodayPay Founder, Jeremy Balkin, alongside Walmart’s Head of Payment Acceptance, Trent Addington, to lead a session on refunds for merchant attendees. The session was standing room only and the line of merchants waiting after the session to speak to TodayPay lasted half an hour.

“Refunds are an emotional, anxiety-producing experience,” said Jeremy Balkin during his remarks, “(and) it doesn’t have to be this way in the 21st century.”

The MAG organizers certainly captured the mood of the industry by prominently addressing the issue of refunds for merchants on the important first day of the conference. That set the tone for the rest of the industry agenda and highlighting refunds as a pressing issue for the industry. Walmart shared their number one call center reason code is “Where is my refund?” and Best Buy shared a similar data point during the session. Last month, TodayPay unveiled an historic refund research paper titled, Where Is My Refund? Understanding When, Where & How Consumers Want Their Money Back.

Refunds, often synonymous with frustration and inconvenience, emerged as one of the most common pain points felt by merchants at the conference. In fact, during merchant-only sessions the consensus was clear: the current refund process is broken for merchants. Merchants are frustrated with the way refunds are processed and the entire process is outdated and needs a transformation.

TodayPay is leading the refund revolution and the only company able to help merchants turn this problem into a winning solution.

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