TodayPay is one of the leading fintech companies in the payments space and was invited to join the KBW Fintech & Payments Conference in New York City. KBW hosted a VIP dinner for payment industry leaders and investors that TodayPay attended last night on the sidelines of the conference.

“When I was at J.P. Morgan, the KBW Fintech & Payments Conference was always an event for the best of the best leaders in payments,” said TodayPay Founder, Jeremy Balkin, “(and) it’s a profound honor to be invited and join the payments industry c-suite and leading investors to understand the TodayPay mission to revolutionize refunds.”

TodayPay was recently featured prominently in Issue 1257 of the prestigious Nilson Report in February 2024. The Nilson Report is the most respected payments journal in the industry, and the leading publication covering payment systems worldwide.

“Refunds are an emotional, anxiety-producing experience,” said Jeremy Balkin during his recent remarks at the Merchant Advisory Group conference, “(and) it doesn’t have to be this way in the 21st century.”

Last month, TodayPay unveiled an historic refund research paper titled, Where Is My Refund? Understanding When, Where & How Consumers Want Their Money Back.

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